Footnotes: Musings from the Blogmonstar (#01)

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I have to mkae a tiny confession. Of the book blogs I follow, I regularly read 4-5 of them. I read the emails from all of the ones I follow, but if they don’t have a email subscription, and it’s set up through my Yahoo page or however, I forget. I’m extremely good at procrastination and I like having things made easy for me. Who doesn’t? I find the ones that I am most interested in reading don’t contain major book spoilers. Little ones are fine but major ones just seem mean, if you ask me. They also tend to be written in a fashion that is more conversational or casual than the ones you might find in a newspaper or magazine. I guess they make me feel more like I am reading about a friend’s opinion of a book as opposed to how the publishing company might want the book to be shown.

I also tend to shy away from too many giveaways and flashing, shining things on blogs because I am easily distracted – which is one reason this blog has no shiny things in the sidebar because I’d spend all my time perfecting them and not reviewing. As I live in Australia, most giveaways are pointless to me anyway. It’s annoying to get really interested in a giveaway only to find it’s not open to international entrants right at the end. It’s much better if it’s put in the title or underneath the giveaway title. Then I can just scroll past and not get my hopes up/get invested in the whole thing. That probably just makes me sound like a biatch though. *whine whine whine*

What are your thoughts on reviews and things? Do you like reviews with a conversational tone? Or do you prefer a formal tone for reviews?

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