Disclaimer & Policy

Until I decide otherwise, I am not currently accepting books for review.


1. This is MY blog. Mine, and mine alone, which means that it is my opinions that are expressed in here, no-one else’s. If you have a problem with this, or with my opinions, use the address bar or the back button to exit.

2. If you want to express a rational, reasoned argument about something I have stated/expressed an opinion about – go for it. If you are polite, I’ll be polite back. Flames (inflammatory comments) however, will be used to keep my dragon warm. Flamers will be fed to said dragon.

3. I reserve the right to edit/delete comments at will, particularly if offensive or abusive language is used. So please behave.


I reserve the right to be honest in my opinions about a book. If I can’t give a definite reason why I didn’t like the book, perhaps if it just rubbed me the wrong way but I can’t pin-point what it was, I won’t review it here. If I do find flaws or have issues with the book, whether it’s the writing style or the way a particular issue/character/theme is portrayed, then I will come out and say it. If you don’t like that, well, tough biscuits.

I will accept ARCs or galleys in either physical or ebook format.

I will try not to waffle on too much in a review – I hate reading reviews that run on forever myself, so I will try not to do that.

I prefer ebooks in .epub format, but will also accept .PDF if necessary.

Every review will have the title, author, publisher, date of publication, format of book I read (and where I got it from if it’s not one I own) and a starred rating. They will also have a link back to Goodreads. The summary, where possible will be taken from the book blurb, Goodreads or Netgalley, depending on each case.

Reviews will be posted here, linked to on Twitter, and published at Goodreads & Shelfari. Please see my contact page for links to my Twitter, Goodreads and Shelfari accounts.

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