In case you missed my lastest GR status….

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I’ve posted it here for easy reading because I had to split it over two statuses.

Oh Goodreads you naughty naughty creatures! The StopTheGoodReadBullies babies are clearly influencing someone. Not all 1-star reviews are bad, and why shouldn’t people have shelves titled ‘no thanks’ or ‘not-reading’ or ‘ewww’ so they can put books they didn’t like on there. I also don’t see why ‘authors behaving badly’ or whatever shelves should be removed. I don’t see any shelves with profanity in their titles being gone, unless it had something specifically to do with authors. What people label their bookshelves really shouldn’t be controlled by anybody else. Surely we’re not all still in kindergarten?? I’m not going to leave at this point, because I am cranky and stubborn and don’t like change, but holy-heck. No, I don’t agree with author-baiting, but it’s pretty easy to tell who those people are. Delete them instead. Maybe.

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