Book Review: Eggs in Purgatory

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Title: Eggs in Purgatory (Cackleberry Club #1)
Author: Laura Childs
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Version Read: paperback (library)
Publication Date: December 2nd, 2008
Categories: chick-lit, cozy-mystery, crime, fiction, mystery, recipes
Review Type: Short and Sweet

Okay, so I admit to reading this series in the wrong order. I got the third one (Bedeviled Eggs) first. I quite enjoyed it. Didn’t enjoy Eggs In Purgatory so much.

The first of the Cackleberry Club books starts out a bit slow. There is a bit of world-building and introductory stuff to be done, which I understand has to be done, but it just seemed overall a slow book. About two thirds of the way in the pace started to pick up and I really got into the last part of the story. Mostly because things started to get tied together and started to connect to each other.

The mystery itself was quite good, very multi-layered and you didn’t simply guess the bad guy from page one. I actually didn’t see the bad guy coming at all, but once certain things were explained, it all made sense and you could identify a few smaller issues earlier on that made sense once the murderer was revealed. The side plot of the somewhat cult-like religious group was pretty interesting too, and certainly added another layer to the story.

This isn’t a bad book for beginner to the cosy-mystery genre, particularly those that like eggs and baking, and the recipes that are included in the back sound like they would be tasty (or would be if I actually ate eggs, but I don’t like them). Eggs in Purgatory is not a bad book to spend a rainy day or weekend curled up with somewhere.

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