Book Review: Bedeviled Eggs

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Title: Bedeviled Eggs (Cackleberry Club #3)
Author: Laura Childs
Publisher: Kennebec Large Print
Version Read: Paperback Large Print (library book)
Publication Date: May 18th, 2011
Categories: chick-lit, cozy-mystery, crime, fiction, mystery, recipes
Review Type: Short and Sweet

Summary (Goodreads): The ladies at the Cackleberry Club café are busy preparing for Halloween. But someone’s jumped the gun on the tricks. As mayoral candidate Chuck Peebler leaves the café, he gets struck with a crossbow arrow and is killed instantly. And when another murder occurs on the historical society’s Quilt Trail, the Cackleberry Club needs to sniff out the bad egg-before he strikes again.

I haven’t read the first two Cackleberry Club novels, and after reading Bedeviled Eggs, I am definitely going to find them and read them. I like a good cozy mystery, and I think Laura Childs did nicely on this one. It mentions things that have occured, but only in a brief manner, so you are not reliant on the previous books in the series to figure out what is going to happen in this one.

I also enjoyed the fact that Suzanne didn’t to do many intentionally stupid things without telling someone what she was doing. In fact at one point she gains permission from the Sheriff because he simply has no clues as to who the murderer is. Suspicions, yes. Clues no. Suzanne does find a valuable clue, but unfortunately can’t work out how it is linked to the murderer. Neither can anyone else.

Speaking of the killer, the suspects are well characterized and really do seem like they were the ones that had commited the murders. The fact that it is not any of them, is a nice change, and having finished the book I can see how the murderer had plenty of opportunities to commit both his crimes. The motive is also made clear and makes sense in relation to the characters involved in the crime.

It’s hard to say a lot more without spoiling the book, and so I won’t. However anyone who is a fan of cozy mysteries – especially those with recipes included at the end, will enjoy this book. Suzanne, Petra and Toni aren’t obnoxious or annoying – they’re just regular women who run a cafe and have their flaws as well.

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