Book Review: A Pug’s Tale

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Title: A Pug’s Tale
Author: Alison Pace
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Version Read: Paperback (library)
Publication Date: June 7, 2011
Categories: animals, chick-lit, contemporary, mystery

Summary (Blurb): There are pugs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art!
Hope McNeill has worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for years, but this is the first time she’s been able to bring along her pug, Max. (Officially at least. Previously she’s had to smuggle him in inside her tote bag.)
The occasion: a special “Pug Night” party in honor of a deep-pocketed donor. Max and his friends are having a ball stalking the hors d’oeuvres and getting rambunctious, and making Hope wonder if this is also the last time she gets to bring Max to the museum.
But when a prized painting goes missing, the Met needs Hope’s–and Max’s–help. In her quest for the culprit, Hope searches for answers with an enigmatic detective, a larger-than-life society heiress, a lady with a shih tzu in a stroller, and her arguably intuitive canine. With luck, she’ll find some inspiration on her trips to Pug Hill before the investigation starts going downhill…

A Pug’s Tale was a fun read. Hope was a real sweetheart, and it was fun to read about her adventures trying to solve the mystery of the painting with Max, her boyfriend’s pug.

The mystery was well written, especially because it had you guessing as to who did it and how was it done in the first place. I enjoyed the fact that pretty much everyone involved in discovering the crime was a suspect – and they were all quite capable of having committed the theft, and that it really could have been any of the three people who were tied together, including Hope.

Since the book is called A Pug’s Tale, there was plenty of info about pugs, but just shared in conversations between Hope and one or two other characters, instead of major info dumps. This gave it a very natural feel, and obviously Alison Pace knows a lot about pugs, and showed that through Hope’s love of the breed and her absolute adoration of Max. That said, it didn’t over take the main plot of the book – the art theft, but helped to give Hope something else to focus on when she got a bit freaked out once or twice.

Daphne is your typical slightly-batty rich older woman, who is definitely not used to not getting whatever she is after. So I kind of pity the fool who does one day tell her she can’t have what she wants. Madeline is her somewhat spoiled, but well-behaved pug. She is the reason for the Pug Night party, and takes Hope under the wing a little bit when they meet again later in the book.

A Pug’s Tale is part love-song to pugs, part mystery, and a great summer/weekend read. If you love dogs or even if you just like dogs, this is a fun one to read.

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