Book Rants #2

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DISCLAIMER: This book rant is sarcastic and meant to convey the subject in a somewhat more lighthearted way than Ranty-pants McCapslock would.

Congratulations on having your pretty book published. *pops champagne*


Now you just need to market that bad boy. Get it spread all over the internets about how fantastic you and your book truly are. So here’s some steps to get your book publicity and great reviews.

Step One: Finding your targets.

Oh, did I say targets? I meant to say find your target market. It’s so easy. I mean just type ‘book review blogs’ into Google and eleventy-billion sites pop up. Go on try it, I dare you. Of course, you don’t want to start out with the super-popular ones in case your beautiful shiny book gets lost in the piles of requests they must get from other authors whose books maybe aren’t as good as yours. You want some more reviews backing you before you approach those targets.

Who are we going to approach then?  Well, you could just open some random book blogs in the language of your choice and go from there. OR you can go to one of those shiny book blog directories and see who you can find there. Those crazy book bloggers are signed up to those sites and it’s like a big yellow pages! Eenie meanie miney mo – I’ll take that one, that one and that one. Copy their URLs or open them up in separate tabs on your internet browser.

Step Two: Find out all of the details.

This may come as a surprise to you, but most of those book bloggers have an about page and/or contact page. So find out their email address, Goodreads profile, and follow them on all of their social media outlets. They would never reject a friend! See how many similar books you have on Goodreads, but don’t worry if you don’t have a GR account. Just make one and add some books you’ve read, and don’t forget to add a five-star review of your own book/s as well. It just wouldn’t look right if you didn’t have your book on your GR profile.

Step Three: Send out the requests.

You’ve got email addresses or submission forms. Now if the blogger happens to have somewhere in the information that they aren’t currently accepting reviews, you can safely ignore that. They just don’t want to be bombarded by boring people whose books are crappy. You on the other hand have a fantastic book that you are sure they would love to read, so go ahead and send out those emails and fill in those forms.


Just make sure you sound professional. You don’t want to start on bad terms by sounding too needy. You should probably make sure you spell their name properly, but you can always just address them by the name of their blog. It doesn’t matter really though because it’s not like they are really people or anything.

Step Four: Dealing with rejection.

In the unlikely event that you are rejected, don’t worry too much. You should just try again, but perhaps in a different avenue. If you emailed them or filled out a submission form, prehaps you should suggest the book to them on Goodreads. The blogger doesn’t need to have accepted your friend request in order for them to see the suggestion. OR maybe send them a link on Twitter/Facebook. It’s not like they rejected your book because they don’t have time/don’t like that genre/etc. They just didn’t see the greatness of your book via email.



Okay, so future published authors and anyone related to authoring in general, please do the opposite of the above. Sure, step one isn’t too bad, but if a book blogger states in their about/disclaimer/contact page that they are not currently accepting submissions, then don’t send them an email. If you receive an email/reply to a submission with this for an answer, take it as the final answer. Don’t bombard them on Goodreads with ‘suggestions’ to read your book. If you keep going, you’re going to alienate the book blogger and they will tell the bloggers they are friendly with or who they follow to avoid you like the plague. Which would be a shame if your book is actually a decent book but people have been put off. It’s not quite as bad as some of the ‘authors behaving badly’ stuff that we see around the bloggosphere but just keep this in mind when publicising your book.


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  1. Cayce

    Lol! Great rant! And Harry Potter GIF FTW!
    I really hate those super random review requests. Some people/authors totally ingore the genres I don’t read/review and when I email back to polite reject them, they insist that I should give a try to their book because they just KNOW that I’m going to LOVE it. Right. #delete

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