Frequently Asked Questions

Will you review my book? Maybe. If you have a sample chapter up and I like it I will consider it. Expect the review to be just as honest any of my other reviews though.

Why did you give ‘Book A’ such a good/bad rating but gave ‘Book B’ a good/bad rating? Because I didn’t like one of them as much as I did the other, or at all. Sorry. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and that is mine.

Will you review ‘Book X’? If I want to read it, and I have a copy of it in either ebook or physical format then probably. No guarantees though.

What do you mean by review type? Some of my reviews are short, because I don’t have loads of things to say about them, and have managed to sum up my thoughts succinctly. These are my ‘short and sweet’ reviews. So if you see that notation under the rating, that’s what it means.

Where do you get your books from? The library, bookstores, Target/KMart, friends lend me copies, Amazon, audible, Netgalley.

Why do you/did you take so long to put up a review sometimes? Because I get sick a lot and that means that sometimes I am away from my computer and sometimes I just don’t have the brainpower to concentrate on posting a review to the blog. Sorry. I usually try to get them up within 24 hours of finishing the book. (Usually directly after I’ve finished unless it’s late at night.)

How does your star rating system work? Here you go:

0stars  I really wasn’t a fan of the book at all. More than likely I didn’t even finish it.
halfstar  I finished the book. I may have even liked some part of the book, but it wasn’t enough to make me ever want to read it again, or even think about it.
1star  I finished the book. I probably liked a character or concept, but must have found the book poorly written, riddled with bad grammar or something.
1halfstars  Something, probably bad grammar or poor execution kept me from liking the book as a whole.
2stars  It was an ok read. It filled in the time, although I doubt I’d recommend it to many people unless they were huge fans of the genre.
2halfstars  Not bad. There must be something I found annoying or problematic about it to prevent me from liking it though.

3stars  I liked it. Obviously there are some flaws or issues, but not enough for me to whinge too much. I would recommend this book.

3halfstars  I liked it more than 3 stars, but there is something preventing a 4 star rating.

4stars  Loved it! I enjoyed the plot, found the characters interesting, and will definitely re read it.

4halfstars  Absolutely fantastic! Pacing or some small issue is preventing a 5 star rating, and that’s about it.  Best book ever! Or not far from it.

5stars  This books has everything in it that I could want in a book. I will just want to gush over this and you can bet I’ll recommend it to everyone.