Top Ten Tuesday – August 20, 2013

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As always, this meme is hosted by the wonderful girls over at The Broke & the Bookish
This week’s topic: Top Ten Things That Make My Blogging Life Easier/Better. Well, actually there’s only 7 on here.

1. Goodreads

Goodreads is so handy. If I’m reviewing or doing a meme or just about anything on here I almost always have the Goodreads page for the book I am reviewing (or just GR in general for memes) open in another tab. So handy for publisher info, summaries, refreshing the memory, etc. Love love love Goodreads.

2. The Library

I can’t always afford to buy a lot of books, and the ones I do buy are usually from authors I know I like (eg. Nora Roberts, Kathy Reichs, etc). So the library is a great way for me to access books for my reading pleasure as well as for reviewing. It also great to be able to take them back if you didn’t like them.

3. Netgalley

I enjoy just browsing Netgalley, but the ability to be able to review awesome books before their official publication (and in some cases after) to share their existence with others is pretty awesome. I also just love to see what is coming up from authors I like and publishers I like as well.

4. WordPress

Without WordPress there would be no Book Reviews with the Blogmosntar, so WordPress is definitely something that makes my blogging life easier. It’s functional, I can access from anywhere on the iPad if I need to, and there are so many useful widgets to add.

5. Akismet

Speaking of widgets, if I didn’t have this one I’d be swimming in spam comments constantly. I have the commercial version, but there is a free version which does exactly the same thing. 😉

6. My ereader

Aww precious, I nearly forgot about you! Since I go to hospital a bit and have to travel to specialist appositeness every so often, my Sony ereader is great. I can have some many choices of book and not worry about trying to get them all to fit into a bag, or about them weighing too much.

7. Audiobooks/Audible

I love being read to! Currently listening to Stephen Fry’s dulcet tones reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. (Yay for Pottermore!) Audible is great because you have the opportunity to preview and audiobook so you can tell if you are going to enjoy listening to the narrator’s voice or not as well.


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