Playing catch up and other things

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I figured I’d better start playing catch up and actually posting reviews of some of the books I have been reading – especially since I wil be in the USA for two weeks in November. Be prepared to be slightly bombarded by book reviews until I have caught up – I’m intending on writing up several then scheduling them to post so there is only one or two a day. But I haven’t 100% decided on that yet. Am having a few issues configuring a new plug-in I installed to make some of that easier so once I work out what the problem is, I’ll be able to post reviews to my heart’s content.

I’m soooo behind on my Goodreads goal, so I have decided not to concentrate on it, but still try and read as much as I can. 38 books behind is quite an effort.

Speaking of reading, I have been getting into the steampunk genre lately with Gail Carriger’s “Ettiquette & Espionage” and will have some more books in the genre next week from work (the library).

In other news I had three wisdom teeth removed last Thursday and am still recovering from that a bit. I looked like a chipmunk My cheeks are a little bit puffy still and I keep biting the inside of my cheek – especially when I cough, talk or aren’t concentrating when I chew. That hurts a bit and I managed to do it about 4 times in as many hours on Friday and I wasn’t even eating. I am off the really heavy painkillers though, which is a plus.

That’s about it from me now, so later ‘gators!

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