Do I really need to title my posts?

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Well I suppose this should be an introductory post but that seems kind of boring. Overdone too. So I’ll just tell you that my name is Chantelle, I’m 21 and I live somewhere in Australia. I should warn you that I am prone to waffling on, and generally rambling about stuff. I am also a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire, Bones, Glee & Harry Potter. There is every likelyhood that I’ll post about those subjects, although I do try to keep my excitement to my fanlistings which you can go and view if you are bored here.

Occasionally the characters who have taken up residence in my imagination will want to be posted about, and since they’ll just annoy me until I do, I will most likely obey their wishes. Otherwise fights, pouting and sulkiness ensue.

That’s probably enough for a first post. Ciao!

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