Hello! I’m back!

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Would you look at the shiny new layout! A huge big thanks & lots of hot chocolate for the lovely Ashley @ CreativeWhim who designed the whole thing. It’s so pretty.
Also, I am so behind in my reviews. I will get there though. Hopefully I won’t be really sick again for a while and I can get them done when I’m not at work. Also there was a bit of lazypants involved so I need to give myself a kick in the bum and get a few more reviews up.
I am also planning a new feature here at BRBM and hope to have it set up in the next couple of days. You will just have to wait and see what it is though. 😀

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    • Chantelle

      Thanks! I love it too. I can’t stop telling Ashley how pretty it is. 😀 I just checked out your blog = it’s gorgeous. Following via bloglovin’

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