Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

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So, I’ve finally got time to do a quick post here. I hope you all had a nice time over the holidays and that whatever you did or didn’t celebrate, that the time spent with family and friends was good.
Didn’t get any books for Christmas other than Cinder by Marissa Meyer from Angel as part of the The Broke & The Bookish Secret Santa. That’s probably a good thing though or I will have to rearrange my bookshelves again.

Plans for Book Reviews with the Blogmonstar.
In 2014 I hope to…
Review more books – that is, write more reviews. THere are a few books I read last year that I really should write reviews for but I just couldn’t be bothered. This year I am going to try to not procrastinate and just get them written. This doesn’t mean I am going to review every book I read, because some I read simply for pleasure, but I will definitely to to get more reviews up.
Read more books – I only read 80-something books in 2013, which is way down on 2012. I am aiming for 125 again this year, so we will have to see.
Post more non-review content – hoping to do more discussion posts and other things. The meme posts and book tours are a given, but I hope to do more book-related but not book review posts this year as well.

Plans for me
In 2014 I am going to…
Enjoy the benefits of (finally) working part-time instead of just working casually.
Concentrate more on my health and knuckle down and do the things I need to do when they need to be done.
Travel to a dream holiday destination.

Hope you all have an awesome 2014.

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