Discussion: Reading slumps and fighting the ‘blerghs’.

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As you might have seen in the review I just posted on Affliction, I have been trying desperately to wade my way through a reading slump. Of course, not being in the mood to read, means no reviews, and no reviews means I have to come in and clean the cobwebs off the blog.

I don’t know what caused the reading slump. It might have been getting sick again, but then I was reading whilst I was in hospital (it’s a good time for reading because hospital is boring as watching paint drying), and the book I was reading was really good. Got home and have only read a few pages of it since. Thought maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for a crime/mystery so switched to YA distopian and started reading Shatter Me (Oh My God. That book is just… so intriguing). Really enjoying that then since my last Goodreads update for it haven’t picked it up.

I guess maybe having two ARCs and a few Galleys that I will need to get read soon isn’t helping the cause, but I am getting through those. I even started my latest ARC, Daughter of Sherwood by Laura Strickland which has a really intriguing premise and no go. It really wasn’t until I had the opportunity to take Affliction (which I have wanted to read since before it was published) home from work that I thoguht maybe I was onto something. I borrowed it on Friday and didn’t even bother to start it until Tuesday. Then BAM! I’m reading like my normal self again.

Putting limitations on what I can and can’t read, as in ‘you can’t read the next one of this series until you have conquered at least this ARC/galley’ is probably part of the issue. But I think also just getting interested in other things is probably part of it. And also a pretty big case of the ‘blerghs’. I would look at my very small library book pile (tomorrow when I take Affliction back there will be 3 books in it) and go ‘Meh’. I just couldn’t be bothered. Sometimes you just have to fight off that with a book you really, really want to read. Even if you have to say, ‘Yep, I am reading that today whether I feel like it or not.’

I have noticed a lot of book bloggers have been showing similar symptoms lately, and I know that some of them feel pressure to put up at least one review a week. Well I can honestly say I’m not like that. If I go for a few weeks without posting a review or a meme or anything, I’m okay with that. Sometimes you need to deal with other things in life, and sometimes you just need to take a break from blogging. I don’t think I would have started this whole thing if I had felt pressured to post reviews constantly. Sometimes I like to read for myself and not review a book. Sometimes I want to share all of the feels and opinions I have on a book.

So what do you all think? Ever go through a reading slump or just a case of ‘I don’t wanna’? How did you get past it?

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