Book Review: The Laird of Loch Fyne.

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Title: The Laird of Loch Fyne
Author: Brandy Grandberg
Genres: historical, romance, time travel
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Publication Date: August 9th 2011
Format: eARC
Pages: 261
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'I'm sorry for what has to be done, lass,' the old man whispered. 'It is the only way they can be saved. Maggie shook her head in confusion as the voices and laughter of fairgoers around her became inaudible. 'The only way who can be saved? I'm afraid I don't understand what you're talking about.' A loud, thunderous sound burst through the atmosphere, followed by the glow of an eerie white light that surrounded her entire body. Feeling as if she were standing on a thick blanket of fog and not being able to find her way out, Maggie sensed the laughter she had heard earlier was now altogether gone, leaving her with a strong sense of uncertainty. Maggie fell instantly to the ground, her legs becoming weak and unmanageable.

Following that fateful encounter with the old man, Maggie Harris is plunged from modern-day North Carolina into sixteenth-century Scotland. The reason for traveling back in time is soon revealed. She has been sent to save the life of Laird Ian MacLachlan, a man whom she fears...and desires. Torn between the life she knew and the life she is destined for, Maggie struggles with the treacherous path that lies ahead. It is a path fraught with murder, deceit, and betrayal; but it is also bursting with a love and passion more powerful than she's ever known. Can Maggie accomplish what she was sent to do, or will Ian die at the same hands that killed his mother? Will Maggie return to her time and leave the man she loves, or will the past become her future? In this story of adventure and passion, discover a love that is powerful enough to travel through time—a love that is truly all that matters.

Upon my first book review I was approached by the lovely Brandy Grandberg to read (and possibly review) her time-travel romance novel, The Laird of Loch Fyne. After reading the sample chapter on her site, I agreed. This is my review of the novel, which is set for publication on August 9th, 2011.

Maggie is a feisty but good-natured American woman who, whilst examining jewellery at a Renaissance Fair, is tricked into going 400 years back in time to save the lives of the Laird (lord) of Loch Fyne, Ian, and his brother Reid. Of course she doesn’t know any of this – she only realises she’s gone back in time after she is rescued by the imposing Laird MacLachlan. Everyone is admittedly a bit suspicious of Maggie, whose jeans and hooded sweater don’t belong in Scotland in the 1500’s.

Maggie must overcome boundaries set upon her by the simple fact that feminism hadn’t arrived yet, she doesn’t have access to modern conveniences or medicine (and she’s in the medical profession in her time) and that both Ian & Reid’s stepmother Lorna, and their half-brother Niall, vehemently dislike Maggie. We soon discover that Lorna is not a very nice lady at all – in fact she’s a scheming, cold-hearted bitch.

The villagers soon come fairly accustomed to their new healer, and after a couple of interesting twists and turns, and a surprising twist on the fairly traditional ending, Maggie’s adventure is well-paced, a good length, and well -written.

Brandy Grandberg presents characters that are believable, and have personalities and flaws of their own. The story doesn’t drag itself, and is just the right length. The story is filled with humour, Scottish brogues and just enough tartan.

It is essentially a romance that just happens to be set in Scotland in the 1500’s, rather than a novel all about time-travel and how it works. It’s perfectly light and cheerful with  just enough drama and mystery to hold you to the story. Fans of such romance writers as Nora Roberts, Jill Mansell and Katie Fforde will like this novel.

A sample chapter of the story can be read at Ms. Grandberg’s website. You can also purchase the book through the links on her site.

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