Book Review: Sanctuary

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sanctuary nora roberts cover

Title: Sanctuary
Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Piatkus
Version Read: Paperback
Publication Date: Unknown
Categories: Chick-Lit, Mystery, Crime, Suspense
Rating: 4 stars
Review Type: Short and Sweet

Summary (Goodreads): On the heels of “Montana Sky”, Nora Roberts presents her most seductive novel to date–a suspenseful tale of dangerous liaisons and family betrayals. When someone begins sending her disturbing photos, especially one of her long-lost mother, successful photographer Jo Ellen Hathaway realizes that she must return to her Georgia home to solve this terrifying mystery.

I love Nora Roberts’s suspense titles. This one was especially creepy with a hint of I’m-pretty-sure-I-know-who-the-killer-is-but-then-now-I’m-not-so-sure thrown in to keep you guessing.

Jo Ellen Hathaway is a successful photographer. Someone is sending her photos of herself that she didn’t know were taken. One final picture – this time of her long-ago disappeared mother – sets her world upside down. Forced to head back to her childhood home, Sanctuary, for her own sanity, Jo Ellen must also face the demons within her own family and the huge loss they all share.

With a killer determined to recreate ‘perfection’ stalking Jo Ellen even in the sanctuary of her childhood home, suspicion is cast on friends old and new, especially when her lover, Nathan reveals the true reason he came back to Sanctuary.

A well-written, suspense-filled mystery with a little romance and family drama thrown in to even it out, Sanctuary is a great weekend read.

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