Book Review: Queen of Shadows

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Book Review: Queen of ShadowsTitle: Queen of Shadows
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Genres: elves, epic fantasy, fantasy, fiction, magic, medieval, paranormal, young adult
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Publication Date: 2015-09-01
Format: Paperback
Pages: 645
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Sarah J. Maas's New York Times best-selling Throne of Glass series reaches new heights in this sweeping fourth volume.

Everyone Celaena Sardothien loves has been taken from her. But she's at last returned to the empire-for vengeance, to rescue her once-glorious kingdom, and to confront the shadows of her past...

She has embraced her identity as Aelin Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen. But before she can reclaim her throne, she must fight. She will fight for her cousin, a warrior prepared to die just to see her again. She will fight for her friend, a young man trapped in an unspeakable prison. And she will fight for her people, enslaved to a brutal king and awaiting their lost queen's triumphant return.

Celaena's epic journey has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions across the globe. This fourth volume will hold readers rapt as Celaena's story builds to a passionate, agonizing crescendo that might just shatter her world.
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4.5 Stars

Queen of Shadows gives us a kick-your-ass fire-breathing-bitch-queen in the form of Aelin Ashryver Galathynius aka Celaena Sardothien. It’s about time too, as the kingdom that is rightfully hers is hanging on the edge of powerful magic and most likely all out war.

We wind up back in Rifthold as Aelin still has unfinished business there. In particular with and including Arobynn. He has been the cause of many problems in her past and in fact still has the necklace of her people he stole when he discovered her. Aelin manages to resolve quite a few of her past problems in her favourite way – with lots of violence.

There is a major change in Aelin’s relationship with Chaol, who is still incredibly naive about some things, to the point of frustration for Aelin. Eventually he figured some shit out, but not without endangering both himself and Aelin and certainly putting some of the more crucial plans in jeopardy.

Some readers won’t be pleased with the way Chaol acts and reacts to many things, but he has changed – things happened whilst Aelin was away that changed him and yet he still held out for some kind of miracle when she came back. Something she was never going to be capable of doing so I don’t feel that it’s a 180 flip in personality, more of a growing up and having to make difficult choices change.

We also meet Aelin’s cousin Aedion – one of the first things Aelin does to unsettle the power structure is to rescue him right from under the King’s nose. He understands the choices Aelin has had to make in her life and is not ashamed of her. Their conversations go a long way to healing some of Aelin’s inner wounds. Rowan also comes back to the city as well.

Lysandra is an interesting young woman. She is one of few people Arobynn trusts, much to his ultimate demise. There’s a wonderful sense of freedom and release in the aftermath of Arobynn’s death, especially for both Aelin & Lysandra. Of course, when magic comes back we see Lysandra’s true power and it’s pretty awesome.

Now, I won’t spoil the story too much, but Dorian is eventually saved so don’t worry too much about our fair prince. There is more action from our witchy friends, Manon and her coven, and that’s an interesting storyline. The reason for the witches ‘sudden’ appearance in Heir of Fire is essentially explained in Queen of Shadows. Even Manon becomes worried by some of the things she sees.

In all, Queen of Shadows was nicely paced, tied up a whole bunch of the loose ends we were left with after Heir of Fire and even some from Crown of Midnight. Empire of Storms promises to be pretty spectacular and I hope it lives up to this one.


4.5 Stars

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