Book Review: Puppy Love

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Title: Puppy Love
Author: Frauke Schenemann, Shelley Frisch (translation)
Publisher: Corvus
Version Read: Paperback (library)
Publication Date: 2012
Categories: animals, chick-lit, contemporary, humour, romance
Rating: 3halfstars

Review Type: Short and sweet

Summary (Blurb): Hercules is a dachshund, and his new mistress Caroline is the greatest human being on earth. She’s the one who rescued him from the animal shelter, who smells of summer and strawberries, and who laughs when the little pup snuggles up with her on the sofa.
So when Caroline is badly treated by her bossy, dog-hating boyfriend, Hercules decides its high time he rescued his mistress for a change. And so begins an epic quest to find his favourite woman the perfect man…
Touching, original, and very funny, Puppy Love is a story about love, life, and the best friend a girl could ever have.

This was a sweet little story about a huge-hearted Dachshund named Hercules, from whose perspective this tale is told. Hercules is a slightly naive and innocent narrator with an interesting world view. Anyone who has ever wondered what their dog thinks about them or their spouse would enjoy this one.

The original version of this story is in German and has been translated perfectly. There are no weird jolts or inconsistencies in the story as you progressed through and had I not read both the page at the start of the book where the translator was acknowledged, I wouldn’t  have realised it was translated. Shelley Frisch has really done a fantastic job, and should be applauded for it.

The story is told from Hercules perspective and basically, he thinks humans are way too picky when it comes to finding mates. Matters aren’t helped by the tomcat who befriends him in the garden of Caroline’s workshop, and has an interesting (and at some points entirely too accurate) worldview of humans and how they ‘love’. The interactions between these two are a little bit like the old man teaching the young up-and-comer everything he knows, and it’s quite nice.

Puppy Love is a great weekend or beach read – nothing too involved but you are engaged in the storyline enough to want to see what happens and who Caroline winds up choosing. Hercules’ antics will make you smile and the book is ended satisfactorily.


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