Book Review: Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever

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Title: Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever (Jane Jameson #3)
uthor: Molly Harper
Publisher: Simon Schulster
Version Read: ebook
Publication Date: December 29th, 2009
Categories: fantasy, fiction, ghosts, humour, paranormal, romance, vampires, werecreatures

Summary (Goodreads): Nothing sucks the romance out of world travel like a boyfriend who may or may not have broken up with you in a hotel room in Brussels. Jane Jameson’s sexy sire Gabriel has always been unpredictable, but the seductive, anonymous notes that await him at each stop of their international vacation, coupled with his evasive behavior over the past few months, finally push Jane onto the next flight home to Half Moon Hollow — alone, upset, and unsure whether Gabriel just ended their relationship without actually telling her.
Now the children’s-librarian-turned-vampire is reviving with plenty of Faux Type O, some TLC from her colorful friends and family, and her plans for a Brave New Jane. Step One: Get her newly renovated occult bookstore off the ground. Step Two: Support her best friend, Zeb, and his werewolf bride as they prepare for the impending birth of their baby…or litter. Step Three: Figure out who’s been sending her threatening letters, and how her hostile pen pal is tied to Gabriel. Because for this nice girl, surviving a broken heart is suddenly becoming a matter of life and undeath….

Oh Gabriel. Don’t you know anything about girls, especially Jane? You should just tell her what’s going on instead of having her freak out and think your cheating on her – especially when you’re in a beautiful hotel room in Brussels. Quit with the over-protectiveness already.

As we begin the third of Jane’s tales, we discover that she may or may not have been dumped by Gabriel as she leave him in Brussels to deal with a break-in at the shop. She also has to help deal with Jolene’s impending pregnancy – werewolves are only pregnant for 5 months; deal with the only contractor who hasn’t been chased away from building Zeb & Jolene’s dream home by Jolene’s crazy werewolf family; and try to figure out who is sending her creepy, stalkerish letters. Very similar to the ones Gabriel was receiving whilst they were on holiday.

To make matters worse, or at the very least more annoying, Gilbert’s (Mr Wainwright) ‘milquetoast’ nephew, Emery, arrives in town, dishelvelled and rather unimpressed that Jane has remodelled the store – especially since he had planned to stay in Gilbert’s old apartment. Emery is weird, socially awkward and keeps trying to hand out religious tracts to all the customers. He’s also got a disturbing attachment to Andrea, which does not impress Dick one little bit.

One of the funniest parts of the book is Jane’s foray into the town’s Chamber of Commerce. It’s overrun with a surprisingly large number of Stepford Wives-esque women named Courtney. They all have rather funny and sometimes slightly mean nicknames (Cankles Courtney, Head Courtney, Short Courtney, etc). You can imagine Jane’s surprise later on when her sister Jenny decides to join up as well.

Whilst tracking down who might be sending her the stalkerish letters, Jane almost has the vampire-equivalent of a anaphylactic reaction to an explosion of colloidal silver. She was just lucky that is was Andrea who opened the box and copped most of the spray. Someone also puts a durian on her front doorstep and those things stink like a garbage dump.

Eventually Gabriel reveals everything to Jane – who is behind the crazy letters and why he was hiding it from her (The usual, he was trying to protect her, but he was also feeling guilty about it.) There are a couple of showdowns in the book; one with Jane and Jenny – they finally work things out, in pretty spectacular (and funny) fashion. Jenny also punches Head Courtney in the face, which once you’ve read the novel you will she how badly she had that coming. The other showdown is between Jane and carzy stalker lady. Also Emery is involved and Andrea is kidnapped but if I go into specifics I will ruin it.

Again I would recommend these to people who like a little PNR mixed with humour and realistic characters.

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