Book Review: Enamoured

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Title: Enamoured
Author:  Shannon Curtis
Publisher: Harlequin Enterprises Australia
Version Read: Ebook (NetGalley)
Publication Date: May 1st, 2013
Categories: cozy-mystery, fantasy, faeries, magic, mystery, romance

Disclaimer:  I received this book from the publisher via Netgalley. This in no way reflects my feelings towards the book or the book’s review.

Summary (Netgalley): Melanie wants to get incriminating information on her evil stepfather and she’ll get it —even if it means giving in to an odious toad’s demands. Cole is undercover, and when the opportunity arises for him to get closer to the criminal he’s investigating, using the man’s beautiful stepdaughter, he grabs it.
Esmerelda is a Fairy Godmother Enforcer charged with getting the Frog Prince fairytale back on track. But fate has saddled her with a partner, and Rumpelstiltskin — with his sexy bad-boy swagger — has a hidden agenda of his own.
In the Fairy Isle, nothing is as it seems…

Enamoured was a great, fun-to-read novella. Fans of the Charley Davidson series will enjoy this. But my most favourite thing is that is is by an Australian author. Yay! Shannon Curtis managed to create an interesting, fulfilling story where you really wanted to find out exactly what Melanie’s father did, who Cole/Colin is and what is it the Rumplestiltskin did last time to have Esmeralda in such a tizzy. We find out some of these answers, but the rest are left tantalisingly unanswered, promising a second novel.

I really enjoyed the idea of FGE’s (Fairy Godmother Enforcers) which is what Esmeralda’s role in the story is. She is supposed to be putting a fairytale back on track, after it has gone off kilter and Rumplestiltskin, or Rump, as she calls him, is supposed to be helping. Rump doesn’t really want to, but it seems he is willing to help Esmeralda because a) her likes her quite a bit and b) he wants to find out who got him sent to the fairy equivalent of jail. It’s all quite interesting and fun.

Enamoured also intoduces us to two human characters who are fun, and I hope that they are going to be in other books. Melanie is a spunky, eloquent and capable heroine who makes you cheer for her, and hope she gets the bad guy. Cole is equally as interesting, and whilst not afraid to do whatever it takes to help him in his job (as an undercover detective) he also has plenty of scruples and a clear moral compass. It makes for an interesting match. Sparks certainly fly, but I don’t think there was an insta-love, more of an insta I want to know more about you.

I had Enamoured devoured in about an hour and a half and was left wanting more. I really hope there is going to be more.

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